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Jasmine Byrne Has A Serious Oral Fixation

Jasmine Byrne Has A Serious Oral FixationIn addition to being a very sexy Latina woman, Jasmine Byrne is also an accomplished porn slut who knows exactly what to do with a big hard cock to make it feel absolutely amazing and deliver a huge cumshot.

In this horny as hell fuck session inside Latina Emotion you can watch as Jasmine illustrates just how great she is at sucking cock. Sliding that big meatstick down the back of her throat, Jasmine licks all around the shaft, savoring every droplet of pre-cum she can find there. Ball sucking, throat gagging, total pussy submission and more are the hot elements to this fuck session that is highly recommended at Latina Emotion.

Sexy Lorena Sosa Gets Naked And Fucks Hard

Sexy Lorena Sosa Gets Naked And Fucks HardLorena Sosa is a spicy Dominicana porn slut who is always ready to open her fuck holes for a good pounding. In this hot scene for Latina Emotion Lorena is treated to two big juicy cocks that she works as hard as can be with all her hot horny holes. Her throat opens wide to swallow every last inch of each of those thick pulsing dicks as they're thrust in front of her face.

Her dripping wet pussy easily accommodates one of them while she keeps sucking the other, and then they get even kinkier as they stretch her hot Latina ass as far as can be to get filled with a big throbbing dick while her pussy is still stuffed with the other. They thrust in unison, pumping harder and faster as they work both her holes to a gaping sloppy mess.

By this point Lorena is gasping and grunting from the energetic fucking she's receiving. Her whole body is on fire with lust and passion as she's taken to greater heights of ecstasy and orgasmic release than she's ever experienced before! After climaxing hard and loudly Lorena turns her face to take both creamy cumshots splattered all over her pretty lips and chin for a sticky glazed finish.

Spicy Latina Kat Fucked With A Cock And A Dildo Simultaneously

Spicy Latina Kat Fucked With A Cock And A Dildo SimultaneouslyKat is a slender Latina honey who has spent a long time learning how to use dildos the most effective way. She's had a lot of fun testing the best way to apply it, how long to keep it in the same spot and when to have the vibrator switched on, and when to leave it off. It can actually get quite technical it would seem!

In this steamy Latina Emotion fuck scene Kat is treated to some big juicy cock as well as a long pink dildo that is also very thick. While Kat eagerly sucks on her lovers big pulsing dick she also rubs that pink dildo across her clit, sending shivers of excitement through her body. She teases the opening to her pussy with it, dipping it in and out while she moves her head back and forth, sucking and pulling with her tongue and lips to get as much sweet pre-cum from his juicy cock as she can.

After lubing him up well with her slick saliva, Kat can't wait to fill her sweet wet pussy with his long thick dick and climbs on top to slam it all the way in. An intense ride follows with Kat moaning out loud in pure pleasure as that big pulsing cock thrusts harder and deeper from beneath her.

While she's getting fucked she didn't forget about her dildo, hell no, in fact she pulls that real cock from her pussy and then stretches her ass around it, filling her butt hole with his big throbbing dick and then sliding her long pink dildo into the vacant spot created in her pussy. Getting fucked in her pussy and ass at the same time, even if one of those big dicks is a rubber one, sends Kat into a shaking orgasm that totally overwhelms her senses as she shudders in ecstasy.
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